Friday, 7 September 2012

Syrian Kurds will not fight each other: Kurdish KNC leader

Source: AK News via eKurd

ERBIL-Hewlêr, Kurdistan region 'Iraq',— Deputy for head of the umbrella organization of Kurdish National Congress (KNC) said there is no possibility of fratricide war among the Kurdish parties in Syria.

"Those who bet that Kurds will face fratricide war in the Syria after the [fall of Bashar al] Assad are just dreaming," said Bengi Haco.

Haco added Kurds in Syria are faced with no threats of fratricide war "at all… All the political parties and forces are united over the patriotic and national issues, especially after singing Erbil agreement."

The agreement, signed under the supervision of Kurdistan Region's President Massoud Barzani, united two major Kurdish alliances in Syria: The People's Council of Western Kurdistan and the Kurdish National Council of Syria.

KNC official said Kurds have always preferred holding dialogue to exercise of violence for settling any issue and will maintain this policy for resolving the Kurdish issue in Syria.

Haco urged the Syrian National Council (the Arabic opposition front) to admit to the ethnic rights of Kurds in the phase after the fall of Assad's regime.

He said " Kurds will not be content with a centralized authority in the current or the future Syria because they demand a decentralized government be created, the rights of Kurds and other nations be protected and democracy be established.

"Kurds in Syria live on their own land… Their soil has been divided [among Iran, Turkey, Syria and Iraq] by force and against their wish.

"Therefore, those who say they will give Kurds [their] rights are wrong because they are [living] on the Kurdish land and have to admit to their rights…"

Syrian Kurds will stay away from the "sectarian" war in Syria and will maintain their unity until their rights as a distinct nation in Syria are granted, said Haco.

The statement by Bengi Haco was made on Tuesday during a press conference in Ciwarcira Hotel in Erbil, capital of the Kurdistan Region.

Haco said "our purpose behind the visit to Southern Kurdistan [Iraqi Kurdistan Region] is to support the Erbil agreement which was signed by the Kurdish forces and political parties of Syria under the supervision of Kurdistan Region's President Massoud Barzani."

The agreement united the People's Council of Western Kurdistan (PCWK) and the Kurdish National Council of Syria (KNCS). PYK (Democratic Union Party), as the major component of the PCWK, has strong links with the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in Turkey.

The KNC official described the agreement "an important stride" for keeping the Kurds away from any dangers to the high interests of Kurds and "a means for uniting Kurds' position in Syria."

Commenting on the violence in the Middle East, Haco said "what is done today in the Middle Eastern countries is a sectarian war and Kurds will not engage themselves in this war.

"Kurds in Syria are trying to stay away from this war and bloodshed …. and to hold talks for obtaining their rights."

Haco described the position of the Arab opposition front in Syria "worrying.

"They are not unified among themselves, 60% of the[Arab] Syrian opposition believes in the centralized authority…. They have always opposed democracy and human rights."

However, for Kurds of Syria, Haco thought "90% of Kurds of Syria are united against any different position among Kurdish ranks.

By Fryad Mohammed, AK News

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