Friday, 7 September 2012

On trial for writing news

Source: Firat in English

The first hearing of the trial against members of the Kurdish press will take place at Istanbul 15th High Criminal Court on 10 September. It seems the trial will head towards dangerous waters as journalists are being tried on the basis of the news they wrote or reported.

44 journalists have been tried since December 2011 in the context of the so called Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) operation. 36 among them have been remanded in custody despite the lack of any confirmed criminal evidence. Journalists are standing trial for alleged “membership and leadership of an illegal organization”. Their news on environment, labor, politics, women, life, culture, art and daily developments were defined as criminal evidences in the indictment which was prepared by Public Prosecutor Bilal Bayraktar and accepted by Istanbul 15th High Criminal Court on 11 May.

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