Saturday, 4 August 2012

Turkish Foreign Minister Urges Barzani to Contain PKK Activities in Syria

Source Rudaw in English

Turkey has been alarmed by PYD’s rising influence and control in Syrian Kurdistan fearing PKK elements might use the areas to harm Turkish national security interests.

“Barzani should not trust the PYD,” Davutoglu reportedly told Barzani. “They supported Assad but when they came to Erbil, they behaved differently.”

Senior leaders of Barzani’s Kurdistan Democratic Party [KDP] and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan [PUK] met in Erbil today to discuss, among other things, their yesterday meeting with Davutoglu.

“One of the points of the meeting was about the intransigence of our PKK brothers who in Western Kurdistan bring down Kurdistan flags and raise Ocalan’s pictures. Those actions need to be stopped,” said Abdulqahar Ali, a senior KDP official in Sulaimani, Kurdistan’s second largest city.

Comment- this has a "You do it gently or we will do it, and it won't be so gentle" ring to it, the Turks for obvious reasons do not wish to see a PYD controlled area in Western Kurdistan but they might tolerate a federal Syria with a Kurdish regional government in Western Kurdistan. That of course is premised on as long as there is a guarantee that the PKK don't use it as a launch pad into Turkish occupied Northern Kurdistan. Given that the KRG can't stop the PKK in their own area does the geological terrain mean that it possible for a newly formed Kurdish authority to do better in Western Kurdistan?

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