Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Kurdish Issue and Its Challenges in Syria

Source Rudaw in English

"However, throughout the 17 months of popular struggle against the Syrian regime, Kurdish participation has faced criticism by the Arab opposition. They claim the Kurds do not fully support the revolt and point to the fact that shelling from regime forces has excluded Kurdish areas and that the number of victims in Kurdish regions is incomparable to those who have fallen in other areas of the country.

Moreover, the Kurdish region in Syria recently turned into a sanctuary for displaced Syrian Arabs from Homs, Der Zor, Aleppo and Idlib. People turned to the Kurdish areas due to the brutal crackdown of pro-Assad forces on their cities, and Kurdish families received them with a national and humanistic spirit, without expecting any appreciation from the Arab opposition.

Despite this remarkable support of the revolution and its principles, the Kurds are accused of serving agendas, and are expected to defend themselves to prove their intentions. This fact has led many Kurdish activists to criticize this discriminative mentality of the Arab opposition to the same degree as the Assad regime itself.

The Kurds didn’t hesitate to adopt the Syrian revolution to move the country to a new phase with a fresh social compact between the different components of the Syrian community. They also showed a readiness to be committed to both the Syrian issue and the Kurdish national issue, recognizing them as correlative and inseparable."- ADIB ABDULMAJID

Please take time to red the full article, its well argued, articulate and thought provoking The Kurdish Issue and Its Challenges in Syria

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