Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Only through socialism

Source: Weekly Worker (1)

Esen Uslu begins his examination of the attitude of the left in Turkey to the Kurdish national question- the first article looks at the position of the Turkish COmmunist Party to the Kurds.

The first trend I would like to examine treats the Kurdish question as a distraction or a harmful side-issue, which diverts the attention of the movement from the main issue - the winning of power by the working class through direct struggle. This trend also regards the national question as something that should have been resolved by the bourgeoisie in the past. But the failure to do so rendered the national question insoluble and presents it before the working class today as a hindrance in its struggle for class unity.

Read the full article Only Through Socialism

(1) The Weekly Worker is published by a minute revolutionary organisation in the UK, in a previous incarnation they published a newspaper called The Leninist and were closely connected to a Turkish Trotskyist party

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