Thursday, 9 August 2012

Kurds prepare militia to fight in Syria

Source: Gulf News

The group who are making some of the best military preparations to secure their future are the two million Kurds who live in Syria. They are being offered serious support from the autonomous Kurdish Regional Government, KRG, in northern Iraq, where President Massoud Barzani has already announced, according to the Kurdish website Peyamner, that young Syrian Kurds who have travelled to the KRG will be given military training, so that they can play a role in “protecting their native land and maintaining security within it”.
Barzani has said that none of these new semi-military units have been sent to fight in Syria, nor was it the KRG’s intention to send them to fight at this time. The KRG’s idea is that they would eventually be dispatched in order to “fill the security vacuum” once the Syrian regime collapses, when they would be at the disposal of the “Supreme Kurdish Council” which is a body set up under Barzani’s aegis in Erbil last month and includes the Kurdish National Council and the People’s Council of West Kurdistan, which is what political Kurds call the Kurdish areas of Syria.

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